Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh, For the Love of Words! Friday (2)

 Sara (aka The Librarian) made me this awesome button! She texted me last night with a surprise and the surprise was this button. And I lovvve it. 

Every Friday I am going to be celebrating words. Whether I share a new vocab word I learned in my reading or a passage that strikes me as particularly beautiful, it's gonna be logophilia central at Oh, For the Love of Words! Friday.

This passage still makes me catch my breath. From We the Living by Ayn Rand:
He took her hand before she could extend it, tore off the black mitten, raised the hand slowly to his lips and kissed her palm. Then he turned quickly and walked away. The snow creaked under his feet. The sound and the figure melted into the darkness, while she was still standing motionless, her hand outstretched, until a little white flake fluttered onto her palm, onto the unseen treasure she was afraid to spill.

Prior to this unexpected and passionate moment, Kira and Leo are strangers. I love that this scene takes place outside, in the snow, in public. It shouldn't be as sensual as it is, but the words that Rand uses makes it almost blush-worthy so. He is disrobing her (well, her hand, anyway) almost violently, and then kisses her naked palm. Which is very different from a top-of-the-hand kiss, I assure you. Read some more historical novels if you are not aware of that. The palm-kiss is a lover's kiss. And I think, even though Leo has just met Kira, he is claiming her as his. 

This is the most tragically beautiful novel I've ever read. I feel about this book about how you feel about your special blankie or dolly that you had when you were little. Every time I pick it up, I just want to clutch it to my chest, smell it, feel it, and remember. 


SaraO said...

Wow, and I have your copy! Must read and return your safety blanket ;)

That is one hot scene. I love that she says you can hear the snow creak. Totally places you in the moment. I miss hearing snow creak...Florida never changes seasons!!!

SaraO said...


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RachelKiwi said...

haha, i was trying to take a picture of my hand last night outside in the snow, with me wearing a mitten, with one snowflake on it. but it turns out it's hard to take a good picture of a single snowflake on a hand in murky twilight when you get home from work.

i do think i need to reread that one. so maybe i should reread it at the same time you do!

SaraO said...

Haha, you should have had Mr. Kiwi help you out ;)

No, I gotta read it on my own! No excuses, lol. Though in Book Club of Two news I did finish part 1 of the night circus. Planning on starting part 2 today...